LP-9 (tm) - A Pheromone-based perfume transforms fantasy into reality

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    Remember the film Love Potion No. 9? It is a charming romantic comedy with Sandra Bullock, based on the hit song of the 70's of the same name. The film is about two Biochemists who get from a Gypsy fortune teller a love potion that works through your vocal cords, and when you speak, members of the other sex find you irresistible. It doesn't matter how you look, it doesn't matter what you say, but as soon as you open your mouth, everyone will think you are charming. The film plays nicely with the possible implications the use of such a substance would create, and it ends of course with a romantic happy-ending. Who wouldn't like to have such a magic formula?

 Well, such a thing IS POSSIBLE, and IN FACT EXISTS! The real thing doesn't work through your vocal cords but through smell, and it doesn't have unlimited influence as in the film, but nevertheless it works. What we are talking about is natural substances called Pheromones, which create attraction between the two sexes among animals, and also in man. For dozens of years, many scientists refused to believe that Pheromones work also among humans, but in recent years more and more scientific evidence has accumulated that such substances ideed exist and play a major role also in attraction between humans. Various laboratories succeeded in extracting and synthesizing these substances, and so were able to create perfumes that can cause the other sex to be strongly attracted to you without knowing why. The subject has created a storm in the media and has been featured in many TV shows and many leading Newspapers, such as OMNI, Discovery, N.Y. Times, L.A. Times, and many others. In one of the most famous experiments, male Pheromones were sprayed on one of a group of identical chairs in a dentist's waiting room, and it turned out that women were attracted to sit especially on this chair instead of the others. There are separate versions of these perfumes for males and for females, so girls can use it to attract guys to the same extent that guys can use it to attract girls. The Pheromones themselves have no visible color or odor and work subconsciously, so they are usually sold as an addition to a perfume with ordinary fragrance. LP-9 is one such perfume, available both in male & female versions.


  Of course, there are many ethical arguments if it is fair and moral to use such perfumes. Our own opinion about this is that like any other powerful tool, it can either be used for good or for bad. Of course, if someone wants to be a Don Juan and catch in his net each night a different girl, then he is misusing this. On the other hand, if people use the perfume in order to break the initial ice in meetings, then there is nothing wrong about that. Also, you may judge the morality of using such perfumes by the extent to which their influence is absolute or relative. Unlike the love potion in the film, pheromones do not have absolute influence that people can't resist. They only cause people to be attracted without knowing why, and then they can still decide if they want to go along with it or not. Therefore, using Pheromones is not very different from many other things that people do in order to attract the opposite sex. And please remember, that unlike the movie, this is not a potion that you drink, but a perfume designed for external use only, like any other perfume!.

 So the next time you feel suddenly a strong unexplained attraction to someone, start thinking if he or she is perhaps using Pheromones.


  Our price is 24$ for a 15 ml bottle or 18$ if you order two bottles or more. We are also looking for distributors, so for discount for larger quantities please contact us. We recommend spraying it lightly on your clothes in the area of your neck and shoulders before meetings. Used like this, each bottle might last for a few months, since on clothes the Pheromones can remain much longer than when sprayed directly on your body. Pay Attention: Although our trademark is LP-9, we are not related in any way to the makers of the film "Love Potion No. 9".


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