Downloading and running the questionnaire-filling program is very easy: When you start the download, your browser will tell you that the file cannot be displayed on the screen (since it is a file with ".exe" extension) and will ask you if you want to save it to your disk. You will tell your browser to save it to the disk, and then it will ask you under which file name to save it. The browser will usually suggest to save it as qum205c.exe (which is the original name of the file), and will usually suggest to put it in the same directory in which the browser itself is installed (For example c:\netscape). So you will just press Enter to accept the suggestion. Then it will start actually downloading the file, which will usually take about 1-2 minutes or less to complete, and then you will see a message such as "document done". After this, you enter DOS, either by clicking on the MS-DOS icon
or by exiting windows.

Within DOS, you will go to the directory that was chosen - by typing the words "cd \netscape" (or whatever directory name was chosen, without the quote marks, of course). Then you will type the word qum205c.exe, and the file will self-extract into 3 files: qumouse2.exe, qumouse2.ovr & qumouse2.doc. Then you will type the word qumouse2.exe, and the questionnaire-filling program will start running. When you finish filling the questionnaire, 2 additional small files will be automatically created: qumouse.res & qumouse.cod. Then you simply go to your favorite E-MAIL program and tell it to send a message to with the subject qumouse.cod and to ATTACH the file c:\netscape\qumouse.cod (or whatever other directory name was chosen). All E-mail programs have an ATTACH command for attaching an existing file. Click here to start downloading the interactive Questionnaire self extracting file - QUM205c.EXE (File size is 78K)

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