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Don’t leave your destiny to chance

– This beautiful blonde was one of our clients

Even the most successful people usually don’t meet more than a few dozens of new people each year and usually have to compromise. The computer can check for you instantly thousands of people and find for you exactly the kind of people you are looking for. The computer doesn’t break love apart but simply substitutes the random part of the usual dating, thus giving you a much better chance to start with. Sometimes even a chance decision to go to the bus station 15 minutes later or earlier can change the rest of your life – causing you to meet or not to meet someone. Our service enables you to search very efficiently for exactly what you want without being at the mercy of chance. Since our service is also an academic research it is hard to compete with us.



Our background

Both our questionnaire and our service are based on research conducted at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and more than 6 years of experience with our local computer-dating pool of more than 39,490 clients in Israel, most of them students and graduates at the ages 20-40. We intend to far surpass this of course on the Internet. Apart from our Israeli Database, on the Internet we already have more than 91,830 people, with a high percent from the USA. Yaron Mayer, the founder & manager of the service, studied in his B.A. Psychology, Computers and Education, and holds an M.A. degree in Psychology.

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Our questionnaire

Our questionnaire is comprehensive and covers almost everything you can think of, yet is very easy and fun to fill and CONTAINS NO PRYING OR EMBARRASSING QUESTIONS. It takes just about 40 minutes to fill. In each question you mark your self-description, your ideal mate, AND HOW IMPORTANT it is for you. This allows YOU to choose from a large pool of questions the questions most important for YOU in choosing your IDEAL date. There is a clear separation between SELF & WANTED MATE, since the WANTED is not always the same as the SELF, and since the WANTED is usually a RANGE of possible preferences whereas the SELF description is always one option only. You are invited to compare our questionnaire with any other dating questionnaires you find and be the judge. All you have to do is fill our Smart Interactive Questionnaire Online or Offline. Then we will simply E-mail you the list of most compatible persons, including age, education, interest areas, compatibility percents, and the list of the most important requirements that they fulfill (except for personality).

The matching is, of course, a 2-way reciprocal matching of expectations, and the minimum reciprocal score is 68%. In a few months we hope to have the service fully interactive with instant results. Recommended to attach a picture of the whole body and not just of the Interior Send image by email, click here.. We believe this is much more efficient than browsing thousands of personals that usually don’t tell you enough about the person.

Our price:

We strive to give the best service that we can at the lowest possible price is order to reach the largest database possible. Our service is very cheap $ 9.99 per month or $ 29.99 for half a year payment is made securely through PayPal. We are doing everything in order to reach the largest possible number of people, since the larger the pool of clients, the higher your chances of meeting exactly the kind of people that you want. True for every dating service, This is even much more critical on the Internet, due to the large dispersion of users. In the true nature of the Internet philosophy – we believe that as many services as possible should be at the lowest possible prices. Our philosophy is to cut the costs to minimum and let everyone enjoy the benefits of this. We also believe that since the Internet is a very efficient market, only those that give a good and cheap service will survive the competition. Also, our experience in Israel shows that by keeping the prices as low as possible we keep the fast growth rate and the high level of those who join, such as students.


You can either Fill the Smart Computer-Dating Questionnaire Online (Recommended!) Or, only if you have some problam with that, you can DOWNLOAD the PC version of the interactive Computer-Dating Questionnaire. Currently There is a PC-COMPATIBLE Download version that runs on PC. If you have a MAC, then if you can open a DOS window on your Mac, the program should run there. For example the DOS Emulation programs sotfdos or softwin should have no problem running this. Otherwise, use the Online version. Both the PC version and the Online version of the interactive questionnaire-filling program are fun to use, very convenient, and very fast. Many people find it an exiting experience, since it can make them think about things they never thought about before. There are 155 questions. It takes about an 40 minutes to fill it, and they give you intelligent automatic suggestions on how to improve your filling.

Smart Computer-Dating Questionnaire Online

Fill the Smart Computer-Dating Questionnaire Online

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If you meet someone or would like to stop for any other reason, PLEASE LET US KNOW IMMEDIATELY BY USING THE Freeze Form.

If your E-Mail address changes, please let us know immediately through the E-mail change form

If you receive a date who tells you it is no longer relevant, please report it to us using the Irrelevant Report Form.

If you have questions, please see our FAQ for further explanations. We would like to hear your ideas, questions and comments: Anything additional you would like to have in our service, anything you don’t like, any questions you would like added or changed in our questionnaire, etc.

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