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The questionnaire was developed following academic research at the Hebrew University. It requests a self description and a description of your expectations from your ideal mate, in 5 areas: Background, appearance, attitudes, interests, and personality.

There are no prying or embarrassing questions. But anyway, we do not reveal your data to any other parties. The lists of most compatible dates contain only name, age, E-mail/phone, area, percents of compatibility, education, areas of study/work, fields of interest, and the list of most important questions in which the mate fulfills your requests.

In every question you must fill only ONE option in the SELF-description, but it is possible and recommended to fill a number of options in the description of your ideal mate. Also, for each option in the ideal mate you can fill one or two columns, where filling two means higher preference (see example below).

Finally, you must specify how important it is for you to receive what you requested in this trait in your potential mate. The importance refers to the entire question. This importance level is between 0 to 3, where 0 means that it doesn’t matter to you at all, 1=Of slight importance, 2=Important, 3=Very important. If some trait seems to you ABSOLUTELY necessary, you may use level ”A”, but in this case all the potential mates who do not have this trait will be completely ruled out, even if in everything else they are all you ever wanted. Therefor, it is recommended to use “A” only in the few cases where dealing with a very essential matter, like education, religion, smoking, etc.
In any case, you may use the absolute level only in the background questions and in the question about height. In all the others there is instead level 4=Extremely Important, which doesn’t cause complete ruling out. (The reason why you can’t use Absolute In the other questions is that in real life there are few such real absolutes).                                            If the trait in your mate doesn’t matter, it is enough to mark the self description and mark importance level 0, and then you don’t need to fill the WANTED in this question. Especially in the interests areas there are many questions where you will
probably want to mark level 0 and thus save a lot of time.

Complicated? Not at all. Let’s take for example the question on hair color. Suppose you have dark hair and you want a mate with blonde or red hair on high priority, dark hair on lower priority, and you don’t like brunette or silver. And suppose that altogether your mate’s hair color is only slightly important to you. So you mark:

On the other hand, suppose that you have a B.A. and you want only mates with B.A. or M.A. on high priority and you want post-secondary education on lower priority. And suppose this is absolutely necessary, i.e. you want all mates with less than secondary education to be ruled out. So you mark:


In order to mark lower priority in the requested possibilities there is no difference if you mark the left or the right square of the two. Mates who comply with what you requested in lower priority will get on that question only 75% of the possible score in caparison to those who comply with what you marked as higher priority. Note that the computer does not check in each question how far your mate is from what you requested, but you do so yourself by deciding which options in the WANTED not to mark at all, which options to mark with two squares and which to mark with one. Therefor, it is recommended to mark in the Wanted MORE than one option in each question! Also, in every question that represents a continuum, if you want something OR MORE you must mark the whole range that you want and not only the lower edge of the scale. For example if you want a mate with B.A. OR MORE, you must mark in the Wanted BOTH B.A. and M.A. If you mark only B.A., the computer WILL NOT automatically assume that you meant also M.A. Same goes for interest areas: If you want someone who is interested a little or a lot in biology, you have to mark both ”a little” and “a lot”. Also, it is not reasonable to request that your mate will NOT be interested or just a little interested in various things. Instead, you should request that he will be interested in things that interest you, and mark weight 0 in other interests.

The time required for filling the questionnaire is about 40 minutes. You must answer all the questions, without exception. If you can’t find the right answer, choose the one that seems best. It is recommended to answer all the questions as sincerely as possible in order to receive reliable compatibility scores.

A lot of effort is being done in order to reach optimum fittings between mates. However, as in a newspaper add, WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE AND WILL NOT PAY ANY COMPENSATION in case people fill out the questionnaire incorrectly or not sincerely, AND/OR in any case of damages of any kind caused to you directly or
indirectly as a result of meetings or connections with anyone caused by whatever reason. Apart from this, in case of any error on our part, whatsoever, or lack of satisfaction for any reason, the maximum compensation will not exceed the amount paid for the service. Also, it is important to understand that the computer cannot promise absolutely high compatibility scores but only try to give you the most compatible mates from the available database. As more people join, the scores will keep improving. 

If you want to make any corrections to your answers at a later date, simply use this form again and re-sumbit your answers. Like the PC version, the online version will usually remember your previous answers.

If you have any problems while filling the questionnaire, please Send us an E-Mail message about it, explaining exactly what happened and when.

Recommended to attach a picture of the whole body and not just of the Interior
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